Sep 9, 2014

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Amusing August

  1. Summer Lovin’ happened so fast… summer lovin’ had me a blast… why’s it going by so dang quickly?!?! SLOW DOWN!
  2. First trip to Lake Las Vegas – ♥’d it.. definitely need to go out there more often!
  3. I think it’s interesting that social media was invented as a tool to keep people connected, yet now people use it as a way to end lifelong friendships
  4. It’s sad that the only time I see anyone in my neighborhood is when they are out walking their dog or taking a smoke break
  5. I really don’t understand how you can see some people at the gym daily and they never appear to be in any better shape – is that poor diet? Or is there more to it?
  6. Sometimes I wonder if ya’ll even really care what I say on here – let’s have some more interaction folks! Ask questions, respond to something if you feel the same or have a different opinion/view point – would love some comments!
  7. I think I finally met someone who over-analyzes more than I do – and it’s a dude… LOL
  8. The beach & ocean are definitely my happy place. I think I was a beach bum or a mermaid in my past life
  9. Awkward silence at its best……
  10. Working on getting all of the toxicity out of my life…it’s a slow process, but so far it feels great!
  11. Enjoying my nightly walks  :)
  12. In awe at the special spiritual gift that some people carry – Letty you are amazing! So excited that you came into my life and are able to help me through such an amazing journey! #believe #manifest
  13. Jaime’s Bachelorette Party weekend – let the festivities begin! So excited to spend time with my sorority sisters!
  14. Cabana pool life #Ilikethatshit
  15. Mostly egg and no veggie… what did I pay for exactly?
  16. Secret Pizza, Clueless, Cosmo Pool & Girlfriends – Love get girls nights like this!
  17. Excited for my mom to visit :)
  18. Because of technology, people have lost the meaning of spending QUALITY time together. It’s actually quite sad
  19. At some point you have to ask yourself it it’s all worth it – it usually is but I tell you.. sometimes the pathway there is REALLY rough!
  20. I MISS the BEACH!
  21. -31 AND…. life took over (Sorry)

Facebook comments:

  1. Sounds to me like you live in a boring neighborhood LOL!. As far as friends go…. I believe social media is a cowarly way to end friendships instead of doing it face to face. I also would like to say that I love reading aboutyour adventures :-)

    • My neighborhood is nice, people are just different here than in Utah. So many cowardly lions these days! And thank you – glad you do :)

  2. I think our neighbors are afraid of us, specially the ones north of us. My wife and I have had rough sex a couple times not knowing we left our window open, and both times our neighbors were on the other side of the property (approximately 8feet from us) and they pretty much heard the entire thing. LOL! That explains why they’re so awkward around me.

    Anyhow, this probably isn’t the most appropriate place to share this. Oh well! LOL

  3. Ps: if I may add a suggestion…..I personally think you should write a blog about your closest friends,individually. I mean, you can even start with me if you want(but dont sugar coat anything). I would love to read About what kind of friends you have, and how they are as a person, and I too would want them to know about me. :-)

  4. Glad you had some “life” time

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