Sep 7, 2015

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Everything is Awesome August

  1. Endless summer nights of fun, new friends and some things I can’t quite remember (haha)… I’d say it’s been a good couple months
  2. Hate when good friends move away
  3. What ya’ll really think about this “Netflix and Chill” movement?
  4. Definitely motivational when the gym puts on shows like… My 200lb Life, Biggest Loser etc on the TVs – strategy right there, keep members coming back to avoid ever getting to that point… well it’s working
  5. It’s all one big test, but for what? I want there to be MORE to life than this.. there has to be.
  6. Surround yourself with people who exude positive energy – it really does make life so much more enjoyable
  7. It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to have someone in your life that is there for you no matter what. I am extremely thankful for the day that Moi came into my life. Having him as a friend has made my life so much more exciting and I have so many memories that I would never have experienced otherwise. Happiest of birthdays to my roll dog, best friend, and likely craziest person I know. The world got better the day you were born! #CSWS
  8. Splash House in Palm Springs…. what a fun experience. It’s not every day you go to an event like this where everyone is nice, having a good time and wants to make new friends.
  9. Happy birthday to my amazing brother :) I know I didn’t make things easy on you growing up but I am so glad that we have become so much close over the last few years. I love you so much and wish I could be there to help you celebrate!
  10. The future holds so many unknowns. Instead of letting that scare you, let it excite you…
  11. Today is the day I start my 40 day meal plan. I am so excited to get my body on track with the right foods and exercise! #CleanSimpleEats
  12. If you could have a vacation home anywhere in the world… where would it be and why? I feel like mine would obviously be somewhere by a beach, but feel that I still have so much traveling to do in order to say a specific place.
  13. Love summer thunder storms – who wants to go play in the rain?!?!
  14. It is quite interesting to me that movie theaters have heightened security and bag search signs all over the place with the release of Straight Out of Compton. What message is this sending to our society?
  15. Admiration. Flattery. Compliments. Sometimes you just need to soak it all in and be grateful that God is sending it your way :)
  16. Volunteering makes my heart happy. I need to do more of that :)
  17. If today is any indication, the rest of my work week is going to be one chaotic and stressful whirlwind
  18. When life gives you lemons… add vodka.. lots of vodka (sometimes it’s just the right thing to do)
  19. Ellie Goulding is a bad ass. And her boyfriend, well I find him super attractive for some reason (normally not my type) but man he’s pretty to look at.
  20. Sometimes things just don’t make sense in this GAME we call life. Why does it all have to be such a game though?
  21. Absolutely LOVING my clean eating meal plan. Everything on it so far has been more than delicious, I feel better, and am finally starting to notice a difference physically. Here’s to the next 29 days!!
  22. I must say, I can’t complain about waking up without a hang over. That going out nonsense is for the birds
  23. If you had an opportunity to go on Shark Tank and present your big idea to them… what would your big idea be? #SharkTank
  24. ONE MONTH COUNTDOWN! I absolutely cannot contain my excitement for my trip to TomorrowWorld and Puerto Rico!!!
  25. Received the most beautiful star-gazer lilies today. Definitely put a smile on my face exactly when I needed it. Thank you Moi :)
  26. It’s true what they say, you never know what battles someone else is going through so always try to treat others with happiness and sincerity… it just might make their day or give them hope that things aren’t as bad as they thought!
  27. Dreams of living by the beach…. some day.
  28. Love new adventures!
  29. Is this what it’s like to feel like a princess? If so, I’m all for it :)
  30. Learn to see the beauty in every situation, even though it may be hard sometimes.. it totally changes things
  31. Summer, it’s been real… but I have a feeling Fall is going to be some of the best memories of my life!


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