Sep 19, 2012

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It seems as though our society has become completely accepting of cheating………. which frankly makes me disgusted. So what is your Cheatability? (The probability of one to cheat) Mine is zero!

I for one have never been a fan of cheating or those who cheat. I personally think it shows the weakness in your character and lack of commitment you claimed to have for the person you cheated on. Not only that-  it shows a lot about the person’s character in which you cheated with.

I do however have an understanding for those that may have had a moment of weakness and cheated and felt regretful and guilty after the fact. I think that as humans we naturally make mistakes and everyone isn’t going to be perfect… and let’s not kid anyone.. relationships are HARD WORK. I get that people mess up and may act upon some urges even when deep down they know that they shouldn’t and that it’s not right. My understanding for this type of situation is a little less harsh because I feel if this happens ONE time – and you regret it, feel guilty,  know that you will never make that mistake again and are willing to do whatever it takes to make things right with your significant other – that you learned from it and become a better person for it. Am I saying that it makes it okay for people to cheat – NO, not in the slightest – just saying in certain cases I understand that it happens.

What really gets me is the people who do it over and over again and expect no consequences and actually BELIEVE that they will never get caught. Fact of the matter is – at some point you ALWAYS get caught. The fact that these people are okay with betraying the person they are committed to time after time makes me ill. Why make the commitment in the first place if you know you can’t stay faithful? Honestly, cheating is a choice! If you are not ready to be faithful to just one person then don’t.. and honestly if you get the urge to cheat when you are in a committed relationship then the likely first step would be to talk to the person you are with and figure out if things can be worked out so that you no longer have that urge. Some people cheat simply because they are that type of person (and I feel sorry for those type of people – that would be an awful way to live a life), others cheat because of something that is lacking in their relationship – the person you cheat with is only going to give you temporary satisfaction – and 9 times out of 10 – when the person you were “committed” to leaves you because they find out you were cheating, the first thing the one who cheated does is BEG for them back.

Plain and simple if you don’t want to lose the stable/amazing partner you already have – don’t cheat on them with something temporary. Once that trust is broken between you – it’s VERY hard to get it back (that is if the person you were with actually decides to try and work things out with you after they find out you cheated on them). It’s not that hard to resist urges. Admiring the beauty of other people is fine – but when you start crossing lines you get yourself in situations that you will not be able to crawl out of. It all comes down to the choices you make as a person- those choices cannot be blamed on anything or anyone else but YOURSELF.

Oh and for all you girls/guys who these people are cheating on their significant others with- who think that they are going to leave them for you and make you the happiest person in the world and you two are going to be the best of lovers – REALITY CHECK – they cheated on their significant other with you – they will cheat on you with another! “If you marry a man who cheats on his wife, you’ll be married to a man who cheats on his wife” – Ann Landers

If you can’t resist the temptation- at least have the decency to get out of the current relationship you are in before acting upon it. I know, I know “it’s not that easy” but to be honest, cheating is not necessary…..

It’s true what they say – “Cheaters never prosper” The loss from that choice is far more than you will ever gain…


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