May 16, 2012

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Deal Breaker…

So, the other day a guy asked me if it would be a deal breaker in continuing to date someone on a serious level if they never wanted to have kids.. and I hesitated at first and said “not necessarily.” However, after reflecting on it for a few minutes I came to the realization that YES – it would be.

I have had the pleasure to live a life surrounded by my friends and family and their kids. I see the joy that those kids bring to their lives and definitely want that some day.

I think it really hit home that I for sure wanted to have kids when my brother had my niece. I could see how much happiness it brought him. She is his world and loves her as much as I hope to love my own child someday. ¬†She has changed his life in so many ways. They even refer to her as my “mini-me” because she reminds a lot of the family of me when I was little. Being able to watch her grow and visit her and have her a part of our family has also brought me joy and made me realize that I can’t wait until I can have that myself.

I can’t imagine never being able to experience children and hope I am blessed with a beautiful family one day :)

And because I don’t yet.. I’ll show off my mini-me –

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