May 21, 2012

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Give me something to work with here!

So recently not only have I personally experienced this, but also some friends of mine as well.. what is it with men not having hobbies or things they like to do besides work and sit at home?

What is going on here? I can’t tell you how many first and second date conversations are┬ácompletely┬ákilled by the simplest question “So, What do you like to do in your spare time?” A question that for most should be easy to answer and full of options, yet I’m finding it seems to be quite hard for most to answer.

I don’t care if your answer involves reading, spending time with your family/friends, going to the gym, walking your dog, enjoying a glass of wine with a home cooked meal etc.. but GIVE ME SOMETHING! I cannot express how annoying it is to try and get to know someone and when you ask that question they have nothing to say… so basically what you are saying (by not saying anything) is that you work, sit at home, and sleep on a daily basis? How BORING. Even if you aren’t doing much in that spare time because you are looking for someone to do those things with.. at least EXPRESS your interests so I can determine what kind of things we may be able to go do together if I do actually like you.

It is ATTRACTIVE if you have a life outside of your job. People want to know that you have a life doing things that you enjoy. And when you can’t even express what those things are to someone on a date, it makes that person lose interest very quickly.

So please, I beg of you – GIVE your dates SOMETHING to work with – or don’t expect another date. It’s that simple. If someone cannot picture having fun with you, enjoying things you both like and trying new things.. what reason do they have to want to continue to date you? Life is about sharing moments together.. doing things that you love.. and living life – and we all want someone to share that with, but if you’re a dud – we’ll move on to someone more exciting.


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