Apr 2, 2012

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Good Luck Rollo!

Ever since I moved to Las Vegas I have missed my puppy dearly! My parents have been kind enough to watch him for me until I get into a house and I have more room for him.

Back in February my mom and I noticed a little lump on his neck. It wasn’t very big but concerned me so my mom said she’d keep an eye on it for me. Last week she noticed that it had increased in size significantly so we made an appointment with the vet.

My mom took him in today and the growth was even bigger than it was last week. The vet is keeping him over night to perform surgery on him tomorrow to find out what is causing the growth. I pray that it is something my little man can recover from and hope that he will pull through this like a champ!

You have a lot of life yet to live bud! You will only be 3 Friday!!! (Happy Early Birthday buddy!!)


I love you more than words.. my little sidekick.. my joy. Love you and Pray that you will be okay.

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