Jul 2, 2014

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Jerky June

  1. Sunday Funday in full effect at Tao Beach with some of my favorite peeps – couldn’t ask for a better way to spend the day :)
  2. Sometimes you just need to dive into your favorite show and forget about the world…
  3. Fun times with mama. Celebrating her award, lots of laughs and a night I will definitely remember
  4. Thankful that I have parents that taught me to be such a well rounded person. There are so many kids these days growing up without good parenting and it’s unfortunate
  5. Only way to go to a baseball game is on dollar draft night – good times!
  6. Do people even know the meaning of loyalty, honesty & respect these days?
  7. Impaired, unconscious  judgement at its finest. Feel like such an idiot.. But thankful for friends that help me realize that this was completely out of my character and that we all make mistakes and learn from them
  8. Not sure I’m up for this…
  9. Young kids are exposed to so many different lifestyles these days – will be interesting to see what happens over the next 15-20 years
  10. People who attack someone for no reason other than they just need to get their anger out are pathetic. Random text from a guy this morning calling me out for things that don’t even apply to me and he says “I’m speaking about our society as a whole” – ummm okay dude but you decided to bully me about it? GROW UP!
  11. How does one go on several dates and NOT know my name… really? #nowords
  12. Thankful for friends that understand keeping in touch is a two-way street..
  13. Everything you do in your life is based off of a choice YOU personally make, so the only person you can blame if it doesn’t go in a direction you want is yourself
  14. Home sick like crazy today… sigh
  15. Today I am thankful for my dad – he has been there for me whenever I need him, tells me like it is even if I don’t want to hear it, still lets me be ‘daddy’s girl (no matter my age) and loves me no matter what. Couldn’t ask for a better dad – Happy Father’s Day Dad – Love you!
  16. Man how I’ve missed being sarcastic on twitter…
  17. Indian food is good every once in a while – but there is no way I could eat it all the time. EVERYTHING is curry.. would get so bored!
  18. Summertime Smitten – who needs that sadness 😉
  19. Just put on a little Reggae and mentally escape for a few hours… #thankmelater
  20. Odd one out…
  21. Red, Wine & Brew fest was pretty lame, but at least I had good company!
  22. Enjoyed a nice evening reading on the balcony – ahhh summa!
  23. Annoyed at people who don’t know when to keep their mouth shut and NOT repeat something. Gossip is evil – don’t aide in spreading it!
  24. Forgot how much I love playing wii and most importantly creating mii’s
  25. Sometimes you just can’t get the words out… sigh
  26. Cannot remember the last time a guy cooked for me – feeling special :)
  27. Some people will never learn – it’s not ALWAYS about YOU
  28. Hello devil sickness….Excruciating pain every time I try to swallow, eat or drink anything :(
  29. Being sick with no one to help take care of you sucks… missing my mom
  30. Sex In The City reruns make having to stay home from work today not so bad… I need a trip to NYC in my near future!

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