Jul 31, 2014

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Joyful July

  1. Simple reminder folks – Laughter is an instant vacation. How many vacations did you take today? Make sure to take several every day. And hey, while your at it go ahead and give someone else a vacation too.. :)
  2. Excited to have all of my family in one place this weekend! #homesweethome
  3. Fireworks, laughs and crazy stories with good friends
  4. Now that it’s not something I get to do every day, spending time with family is something I will always make time for
  5. The circle is shrinking….
  6. Coolest lightning storm on my drive back to Vegas… definitely made for an interesting road trip!
  7. Just love having to clean up other people’s mess
  8. ♥ the smell of summer rain
  9. I really miss having a puppy…
  10. Inside knowledge is everything.. use what you learn to your advantage 😉
  11. Stayed home, went to bed early.. Friday night – Not even mad about it
  12. Definitely gives me a lot to think about… #secondchances
  13. Ahhhh… pool day.. finally :)
  14. Feeling like you are wasting your time when that’s the opposite of what you want.. really sucks
  15. Remembering when the hardest thing you had to do all summer was figure out how to get yourself out of the mud hole you buried yourself in at the lake.. ahhhh to be a kid again
  16. DRAMA – gosh some people just live for it…
  17. Knowing you can be there for a friend when they really need it is a good feeling. Knowing they will also be there for you is an even better feeling. #keepgoodfriends #buildyourcircle
  18. You’re not picking up what I’m putting down!!!!!!!!
  19. Most amazing dinner and night I’ve had in a while. Too bad it ended terribly…
  20. You know you are having great girl talk time when what you’re discussing is giving you both chills! ♥ you TayTay!
  21. Something feels different and I like it!
  22. Options – it’s good to have them, but know when NOT to be one….
  23. Being adored.. well it’s just adorable 😉
  24. I will NEVER get sick of people watching in this sinful city #onlyinvegas
  25. #payitforward
  26. Such a fun day with my brother and niece – love them so much!!
  27. Pilates class was great – so sore!
  28. I don’t take the zumba class at my gym because it’s too crowded and the instructor annoys me, but watching these people in there doing these moves has me ROLLING!
  29. Sometimes you need to be open to things that aren’t quite in your comfort zone to experience how truly amazing it can be. So thankful that I made time for this experience and can’t wait to see what my next session with Letty has in store!
  30. Have you ever noticed how awkward some people are at networking events? #turtleshell #awkward
  31. If you ever find yourself putting someone else down or bullying – ask yourself what is wrong with YOU that made you act out toward another person that way. The insecurity usually lies within the person bullying.. fix yourself.. don’t destroy others! #loveall #stopbullying

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