Mar 23, 2011

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Lady GaGa…..

Oh the disappointment my friends and I had when her Las Vegas show sold out in Pre-Sale! We were devastated that we wouldn’t be able to see the fabulous miss GaGa… Much to our surprise a few weeks later Salt Lake City (of all places) was a new tour date announced on her website! We were so STOKED! We didn’t even care that the ticket sale start date was a year in advance.. we bought out tickets. The wait definitely seemed like forever but it was definitely worth it.

I think that a lot of music artists could learn a lot from her. She didn’t Lip-sync once during the entire show, she personalized her performance to Salt Lake City, she was extremely genuine, she was true to herself and her message, she took time to engage and interact with the audience, and she kept you watching and wondering what she was going to do next throughout the entire concert. It was a very inspiring show.

The more I watch her and see interviews with her the more I grow to love and respect miss GaGa. She truly is an inspiration to our generation. I am very lucky to have seen her in concert and if given the opportunity I would see her again in a heartbeat!! I am so proud to be one of her little monsters!!!


Here is an extremely awesome interview that she had with Google. If you haven’t’ seen it I suggest you take the time to watch it. Google Interviews Lady Gaga More music artists should learn to be as humble and honest as Lady Gaga. And I love how she says “when artists say they can’t escape the paparazzi they are full of shit” – and then continues to talk about how to spend your money wisely on good security instead of lavish houses and cars.

Here are some pictures of me and my friends – of course we dressed up for Lady Gaga! If you didn’t you should be ashamed! :)



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