Jun 4, 2014

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Magic May

  1. I know I have been better about writing these monthly observation posts – but I want to write more in general. Any topics, advice etc you guys want me to write about let me know – I would love to take a shot and provide my opinion!
  2. Nature is such a beautiful thing
  3. Was so fun to watch my niece become a brave little swimmer over the weekend
  4. Don’t ask someone what a UTI feels like, because if you’ve never had one.. you won’t be able to even comprehend the pain that we go through when one suddenly comes on :(
  5. Seriously starting to see the true power of The Secret. It becomes even more apparent when you realize those people around you that are constantly struggling, negative, sick, complaining etc. You bring into your life what you want to – only YOU can change that. I am working every day to bring more positivity, happiness, wealth, health, etc into my life – because I DESERVE it and I will have it!
  6. I know many of you have done some traveling – what is the one place you have been to that you would say is a “MUST GO?” – I want to start putting together my travel bucket list 😉
  7. You can learn so much from those that get SO excited about something so small. It really makes you appreciate everything in a different way
  8. Sometimes things should not be contingent upon something else happening. Just let it happen naturally..
  9. Need a serious re-focus on my gym routine. #dedicated #stayfocused #beastmode
  10. Food poisoning sucks :(
  11. So lucky to have such an amazing mom – Happy Mother’s Day – I love you!
  12. I am the first to admit that I over analyze the hell out of things, but some people just take it to an extreme… sometimes you just need to breathe and realize it’s NOT THAT SERIOUS!
  13. How is asking someone to message you when they are ready to hang out being complicated? Seems pretty straight-forward to me..#ANNOYED
  14. LION TIME! Much needed girls night with miss Amie – Luh you!!
  15. Be adaptable
  16. Did I really pass out before my mom on a Friday night? So embarrassing… #imgettingold
  17. Love getting all dolled up for a great event – HRC Gala never disappoints #HRC #loveisequal
  18. When you can’t even sit through a movie without checking your phone, sending a text etc.. you have a real problem being too connected to technology and not being able to ENJOY life
  19. Good things come to those who wait.. maybe.. but better things come to those that make moves and DO
  20. I need some good, easy and cost effective healthy smoothie recipes – if any of you wonderful people have some you want to share – send them my way!
  21. Spa day – much needed and SO deserved.
  22. A girl can always find a way to not have to pay for drinks at nightclubs in Vegas.. it’s much harder for a guy to do it, but hey my friend Caleb managed to hook it up for us all night long with some London dudes.. #score
  23. Liking where things are headed in my life right now :)
  24. If I had a pool with a fountain in my backyard – I would sleep out there every night in the summer. So relaxing!
  25. Went on a hike at Mt. Charleston today – not anything like Utah hikes but it was as close as I can get out here in Vegas. Will definitely be going back!
  26. Hate when people who lack follow through try to blame it on you… no fool, you are the one that didn’t hit me up – not the other way around. Obviously it wasn’t high priority for you…#noted
  27. What is your biggest dating “deal breaker?” I think mine might be a tie between the “me” guy (insists on only talking about himself), the guy who thinks its appropriate to go right to the sex conversation or the guy who cannot answer what his hobbies/goals etc are in life
  28. People who actually keep plans are hard to come by these days….
  29. Let’s Wrastle!
  30. I miss being able to give all my SLC family and friends hugs – so to all of you here is a virtual hug *hug* :)
  31. Making memories with the besties! Such a fun weekend!! Love you Ciege & Ivy!

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