Mar 5, 2013

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Mary Jane

Met this guy while out with some friends and he seemed cool so we exchanged numbers and later that week I got a text from him asking me if he could take me out on a date.  So remembering that he seemed pretty cool I decided to go on a date with him.

Date started with him apologizing to me that he was in his mom’s car because his friend was borrowing his… (this can’t be good) but then he scored a few points because he  paid attention that I like sushi and took me to a really great sushi restaurant. Conversation was going okay.. until he began to divulge all the details of the last year of his life. Began to tell me that he lost his house, his girlfriend, his car and job.  He also mentioned that he was embarrassed to go back and live with his mom so he “camped out” in a tent most of the summer in the mountains.

He had since chosen to go back and live with his mom (he’s 33).

But where it got really interesting was when he asked me how I felt about people who smoke weed. Now I’m all for people doing whatever makes them happy.. but it’s not really a habit I’m looking for in a potential partner. So I let him know that I am cool with people’s choices but that it’s not something I want in a man. He then gets a little quiet and says “oh.. well I smoke pretty much daily” and then begins to grab his wallet.. where he proceeds to pull out his medical marijuana card.

Needless to say that the mouth vomit of the last year of his life along with how proud he was about that card on a first date…… killed any chance of  a second date.

He called me out on not contacting him after the date so I let him know that I didn’t see a romantic connection but he might be cool to chill with as friends (as I truly am looking to meet new friends here cause I’m still new to town) – this is where he said “yah well I have to be friends with someone first before I decide if I want to be date them so that’s cool”

This is where I determine that “falling off the face of the earth” really is the best method to end things because when you don’t … the guy still wants to be more than friends….

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