Jun 1, 2012

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Needy Nancy

What is it about boys acting like girls when it comes to dating these days? It seriously is strange… I mean maybe it’s because of technology and people want immediate response and gratification but.. it’s getting very out of hand!

I used to be the girl that would always get upset or hurt if I didn’t get a call or text back right away from a guy I was interested in or dating.. but over the years I have come to realize that people have lives, are busy and frankly sometimes just don’t want to be talking to you EVERY second of the day. What do you have to talk about when you see each other if you are constantly going back and forth all day over text, facebook, twitter, e mail etc?

I had a guy get mad at me over Memorial Day weekend for not taking time to text  him to say “hi.” This person knew that I had my girlfriends in town and that I was busy doing things with them all weekend however, he still proceeded to comment about how I didn’t message him and that it only takes a few seconds. Oh.. I’m sorry that I have a life and that sometimes it doesn’t involve saying hi to you for a couple of days. You are not my boyfriend.. and we’ve only been on 3 dates.. so why are you trying to be so annoyed that I don’t say hello to you for 3 days when you know I have things going on?

Not only that, but after the weekend he sends a text saying “so I guess we are done” – look buddy.. you knew I was busy and if you want to think that I’m over you because I didn’t say hi for a couple days then by all means.. DO! I have more to worry about than you getting butt-hurt over not receiving a text. I let him know that he knew I was busy and not to take it personally. He then proceeded to ask when he could see me again. I politely let him know that I have a friend staying with me for 2 weeks and would feel bad leaving him at my house in the evening by himself after being at work all day, so I wanted to meet up with him for lunch. He took offense to that by telling me to “have fun with my friend and that he just wanted to see me” – um hello I asked you if you could meet for lunch.. I know it’s not a real “date” but it’s the only time I have and I am taking that time out of my day for you – not to mention if you “just want to see me,” lunch shouldn’t be an issue.. but apparently it was and he threw a fit. Needless to say I won’t be seeing this needy guy again…

And the worst part.. this isn’t the only guy acting like this.. I’ve come across it a lot recently….

I feel like these actions are what GIRLS usually do to guys.. not the other way around.. what is going on? 

I get that these days it’s quick and easy to shoot someone a text, but honestly when you are busy.. you’re busy and focused on other things. It’s good to create a distance.. it’s good to not talk EVERY single day – and I am seriously annoyed by people who get upset if you don’t do so. Like I’ve said before HAVING A LIFE IS SEXY! And if someone wants to get all bent out of shape because they don’t hear from you every day then by all means.. please go find someone equally as needy because I grew out of that phase several years ago.

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