Sep 30, 2014

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Saucy September

  1. Family time …is the BEST of times
  2. Relief has arrived – yeah!! Time to de-stress… #wishfulthinking
  3. Inquiring minds want to know ___________? Ask me a question in the comments section below!
  4. It’s funny when the person who needs to “see it” most, is always the one who is the most clueless (or at least won’t admit to it) about their situation. EVERYONE else sees it!
  5. Sometimes all you need is some quality time to yourself to get you out of a rut and refocus
  6. Wet n’ Wild with co-workers and now they serve adult bevys… #nailedit
  7. It’s always nice to reconnect with old friends and feel like no time has passed. Happy Birthday Shay! Was great to see you – and I’m so excited for your new adventure!
  8. For those of you that do volunteer work.. do you like where you volunteer? If so, where is it and why would you recommend someone making that their volunteer work of choice? I want to pick a place to start doing volunteer work and would like to hear some feedback on charities.
  9. Some people really need to learn to mind their own damn business
  10. **Begin Rant*** It really bothers me that people with little to no education and are working at lower-level places for a living like McDonalds, Chipotle etc.. think they deserve to be making $15/ hour – what a joke. If you want to make more money – get an education. If you want a higher salary – WORK for it. People feel so entitled these days  for things that they don’t even earn. Don’t get me wrong.. I’m not saying that some of these people are not hard workers, I’m sure a lot are… but if you do not aspire to do more with your life, then you should not expect more than minimum wage. And if you want more than minimum wage – do something about it! A lot of those places like to promote from within.. so do what it takes to become a manager (more $$) and then a franchise owner (even more $$). Not only that, most of those places offer PAID training to advance to the higher level positions. So to all of you that think you can just be stagnant and work the cash register at a fast food joint for the rest of your life and make an hourly salary that most college graduates don’t even get – THINK AGAIN! Society does not OWE you more than the standard minimum wage. **End Rant**
  11. It’s no wonder why so many people adore the hell out of my mom – she’s quite spectacular. Love you mom!!!
  12. Forcing people out before they are even in… seems logical.
  13. Keg Tappings, Co-workers and Fireball shots… OH MY! #funnight #ThisIsHowWeDo
  14. Remember last night ^^^^ –  Yeah, I’m paying for that today…. sigh
  15. All sizes are not created equal! Took 7 pairs of pants into the dressing room (all the same size but different brands) and NONE of them fit the same. This just goes to prove that a girl cannot purchase purely off size alone, we have to try them on. Guys.. you definitely have it easier on this one…
  16. It’s so refreshing to know that people can still carry on HOUR long phone conversations these days. Love long talks with BFFs #HollaAtChaMoi #LuhYou
  17. The struggle is VERY real.. need to refocus and figure out how to nip this in the butt
  18. People who ask to hang out then always say they are too busy when you provide options – just STOP!
  19. You know when you picture what a menu item will look like in your head when you order it, and when you get it… it is something completely different? I ordered a veggie burger.. which I thought would be a veggie patty, nope! It was a ton of sliced vegetables piled between a baguette bun..
  20. Nothing better than a freshly cleaned house…I actually really enjoy cleaning, is that weird?
  21. Oh Pilates how I love thee….
  22. Anything is possible when you focus on your goals
  23. Those wearing the short booty shorts at the gym, are usually the ones that shouldn’t be. Not trying to be rude because I commend anyone who makes effort and takes the time to get in the gym, but sometimes people just need to be more conscious of their workout attire choices.
  24. Once you commit to making them, healthy choices really aren’t that hard to make. #goals #healthy
  25. I need a new wardrobe – anyone wanna fund that shopping spree? Totally kidding! – but seriously though.. I might have to take advantage of Black Friday this year.
  26. Is this real life? #insidejokes
  27. Not responding to a text message is a DICK move. Hate to break it to you … but NONE of us are THAT busy. In the words of a post I read on instagram “I will be as consistent as YOUR EFFORTS inspire me to be” – It gets old and you will just stop being invited to things. #nuffsaid
  28. Loving the cooler weather during the day – it’s perfect for afternoon walks :)
  29. Knowing that I’m doing the right things and headed in the right direction is a good feeling. Always do what is best for YOU and strive to improve yourself and your quality of life by manifesting positivity and happiness in all aspects.
  30. 85 days until Christmas – say what?!?!

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