Mar 5, 2013

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Snoring + Me = Don’t mix

So I don’t do well with snoring.. if there is someone in the same room as me or within distance that I can hear them… I struggle!

I usually am only successful at sleeping if I fall asleep before they start snoring.

But the worst part is that if I wake up in the middle of the night and they are snoring I’m SCREWED! I cannot for the life of me fall back asleep.

Well a recent incident happened where I woke up in the middle of the night and the person was snoring and I laid there for like an hour trying to fall asleep with no success. So I decided to go into the other room so that I could have any chance of getting a decent night of sleep… best decision EVER.

However in the morning this guy said it hurt his feelings that I went into the other room and the following came out of his mouth..

“Well what you should have done was… take some toilet paper and wet it and stick it in your ears instead of going into the other room” – YES that just happened…..

Wet toilet paper? are you effing kidding me? No thanks.. I think the other room worked quite nicely…

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