Mar 9, 2012

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So the biggest struggle I’ve had on this adventure to a new town:


Making FRIENDS in a city of VISITORS….


I know it would be different had I grown up here, but unfortunately that is not the case. I’m finding that it is very difficult to go out and meet people who actually LIVE here. Sure it’s great to go out and meet new people regardless of where they live, but I need new friends that I can call to go see a movie, meet up for a drink or go try the hip new restaurant – on a day to day basis. So as much fun as it is to meet people who live out of state and make those connections.. it does ZERO for my social life in Las Vegas.

The harsh reality is that it makes me miss my family and friends terribly on a daily basis- which has been taking it’s toll emotionally.

I know as the weather warms up I’ll get out and do more things outdoors where there will be more local people and more opportunities to meet/make new friends – but it’s seriously been such a struggle!

Here’s to hoping the next few months prove more promising in the new friends department….

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