Nov 14, 2015

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Suddenly September

So I didn’t finish this month, but figured I would still post it. The numbers don’t align exactly with the days since it’s not complete.. but enjoy :)

  1. The next two months are going to be a crazy, fun time!
  2. Reminded more than ever that I am in control of what happens in my life. #staypostive and positive things will come to you
  3. If people aren’t willing to change the way they think…. they cannot be upset when things don’t change, but 9 times out of 10… they still are. #Insanity
  4. Gotta love 13 hour work days…. but hey, cheers to a long weekend!
  5. Getting surprises in the mail – who doesn’t love that? Gimme more! hehehe :)
  6. Sometimes you just gotta get out of your comfort zone and GO for it!
  7. Working out at the gym is nice, but getting out and experiencing nature is always so much better. All of these beautiful pieces of art were put in front of us to enjoy and sometimes I think we take that for granted
  8. Cleveland… this humidity and gloominess, I wouldn’t be able to do it.
  9. Nothing like an early flight home on a freezing cold plane so you can’t possibly sleep…I ask the flight attendant for a blanket.. “We don’t offer those in this cabin” as she proceeds to ask if my fans are turned off.. which was an obvious yes… meanwhile she has a fleece sweater on. Think the plane was cold? ugh.
  10. Receiving our “keys to happiness” in the mail today made my vacation seem so much more real. I am SO freakin’ excited!! #TomorrowWorld #Dreamville
  11. Distance, makes things more challenging, but it doesn’t make them impossible.
  12. Watching the #MissAmerica pageant and here are my thoughts…I wish more of them had more entertaining talents, whoever told some of them they can sing, lied. Since when did ALL of the questions become related to the presidential debates? Is the stance on politics really what wins a candidate the crown? Sad.
  13. Today marks 2.5 months of very hard work at my job to kick off one of my biggest client events of the year – Oktoberfest. Here’s to one of the most successful ones ever! *pats self on the back*
  14. If only more straight men cared for their bodies as much as gay men do.
  15. Having a stomach ache is the worst

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