Nov 23, 2011

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The Move..

Wow.. where do I begin? This has been one of the biggest and most overwhelming experiences. I have been fortunate to travel a lot and see many places, however until now I had only ever lived in Salt Lake City, Ut (SL,UT). I never had to leave my friends or family behind for more than a couple days and it was only a quick 20-30 minutes to see pretty much anyone I wanted.

An unexpected phone call came in late September about a phone interview for a job I had applied for in Las Vegas. I called to schedule the interview, a week later had the phone call – and was offered the job that weekend. Not only was it a hard decision that involved my future – but involved leaving behind everything I knew as “home”

I knew deep down that if I didn’t’ take this job it would be a huge regret – everything about it made sense – and after all.. it was about time all my hard work started to pay off.

After a lot of thinking, emotions and weighing my options I decided to accept the job. At the time, not realizing how quickly the next 2 weeks would pass and I’d be expected to head to Vegas-  all alone..find a place to live and start my new job.

Never in a million years did I also think that during this move, I’d also be dealing with a heartbreak. I had to leave someone behind, and they chose not to come with me. It has been extremely hard to go through all of it at the same time. Coming to an unknown place, letting go of the person who had my heart, leaving my friends and family has not been easy…

And a BUNCH of firsts:

  • Living on my own (quite the adjustment)
  • Having cable
  • Buying furniture
  • Realizing I need items like: toaster, ironing board, iron, vacuum, can opener – and I’m sure there are more to come

Luckily, I already LOVE my job and I have been blessed with people I know visiting regularly and not to mention SL,UT is only a short road trip or flight away – I hope Vegas is ready for MizRed :)

Stay tuned for more SL,UT to Sin City updates!




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